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About Us

Planning and Development

We offer a professional software development services. We bring long and wide experience in development software systems and projects in a verity of disciplines. Our core competence is real time embedded systems and over the years we development also application systems in the surrounding environment of those Real Time systems, such as management, control and configuration.

We are official implementer partners of , a leading supplier of software framework for development of graphical user interface (GUI) to low-resource hardware. We have hands-on experience working with TouchGFX framework that allow us to offer to our customers a fast and secure path to fulfill their GUI and other embedded graphical needs while allow them to concentrate in their core system development.

We have experience in data, video & VOIP communication, microcontrollers and integrate open source solutions. We worked with a large variety of operating systems, target processors and development environments.

Our services refer to both companies that need an answer to a fast development needs, might be a short project or ongoing activity, as well as companies which have development needs in their surrounding area of expertise.

We offer long and ongoing availability and support, fast response and rapid domination of the customer needs and development environment. Along with the professional experience in software development we bring also a wide system view, business view and marketing knowledge that can serve as an added value to the development expertise.