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We Offer a Variety of Professional Software Development Services

Embedded GUI

  • More then 3 years of deep and wide experience in porting and implementing TouchGFX based projects.
  • Verity of target H\W includes – STMicroelectronics STM32F4 & F7, NXP 5460, Renesas S7G2
  • Fast and versatile services – Porting TouchGFX to target H\W, UI\UX development, Rapid prototype
  • Escorting and consulting your board and GUI designers about the framework capabilities, limits and strength
  • Design and define the software interface with the core system developers, porting the GUI into your target hardware, i.e. LCD and touch controller, integrating and testing the GUI to the system with your development team.

IOT based Systems – Communication & Connectivity

  • IOT based embedded system with communication capabilities – Ethernet, WiFi & BLE
  • Connect the embedded system to the outside world – Local server, Cloud based server and phone application
  • Experience with various communication technologies – Ethernet, WiFi, BLE, USB, CAN and other serial protocols
  • Web services communication from within the Embedded Systems

Real Time Embedded System

We are in the Real-time embedded system development business for more the 25 years, we worked with numerous number of target processors and development environment; we developed system for a vast variety of technologies, e.g. communications, controllers, video and more.

We serve as our clients Embedded software development Partners. Building an embedded system requires a tight relationship with the target board development team, the mechanical team and many times with third parties that supply the system components.

We interact with all those co-partners naturally knowing that this is the way to bring the system to its final stage on schedule.

We Will Be Happy to Be Your Embedded Partner!

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