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STM F4 – SodaStream Mix

In the development of a home carbonation machine for SodaStream, the company brought in Embedded Partners for implementing the product’s user interface.

SodaStream’s product, the SodaStream MIX, is an innovative and easy to use machine that carbonates ready drinks other than water.
For this machine, SodaStream’s UX/UI design team had specific requirements that needed to be fulfilled. They designed an intuitive and user-friendly touch control, which would support the overall exclusive design of the machine.

Embedded Partners is an experienced TouchGFX development team, authorized as a TouchGFX Implementer by Draupner Graphics. Ziv-Av brought them in to assist on the UI development of the SodaStream MIX. After having worked and experienced TouchGFX’ capabilities of creating high-end graphics on cost effective hardware, the team chose TouchGFX for development.